Hope Channel's 20th Anniversary



Hope Channel's Inception

Founded on October 10, 2003, Hope Channel, under President Brad Thorp, emerges as a beacon of hope and inspiration, embracing the mission of transforming lives through the power of media.

Network Newcomers - 2004

Novo Tempo and EsperanzaTV joins the global network.



Hope Channel Broadcasts International Satellite NET 2005

Hope Channel broadcasts the first annual satellite evangelistic outreach at the General Conference of SDA Headquarters.

Novo Tempo's Airwaves Debut

Novo Tempo launches terrestrial broadcasting in Brazil, extending its reach through traditional channels and bringing messages of hope to diverse communities across the country.


HopeSabbathSchool 2007

Happy Sabbath School is Born

The media team at Forest Lake Church in Apopka, Florida, receives a special invitation from Hope Channel. They prayerfully consider the request and decide to redefine Sabbath School by offering an in-depth, interactive study of the Word of God, becoming "Hope Sabbath School''.

Launch of Project Hope

Hope Channel introduces "Project Hope", a pioneering initiative. When a new Hope Channel network emerges, production experts from across the network volunteer their time to train local teams, fostering knowledge exchange and empowering impactful content creation.

Launching "Hope Sabbath School"

Hope Channel begins airing "Hope Sabbath School", a program designed to promote interactive Bible study, spiritual growth, and community engagement.

Network Newcomers - 2008

HC Bulgaria, HopeTV Czech, HC Norway, and SperantaTV (HC Romania) join the global network.



Hope Channel North America Office & Studio is Constructed

Construction commences for the Hope Channel North America office and studio at the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Headquarters in Silver Spring, MD.

Hope Channel North America on DIRECTV

In a significant partnership, Hope Channel North America joins DIRECTV, reaching millions of households across the United States with holistic and transformative content.

Network Newcomers - 2009

HC Germany joins the global network.

Advancements in Broadcasting

Hope Church Channel transitions to a 24/7 broadcasting schedule in North America, allowing viewers to access uplifting and inspiring content around the clock.

Advancing Production Facilities

Hope Channel reaches new heights with the opening of facilities in the new south annex of the General Conference building. This expansion marks the beginning of High Definition (HD) and fully digital production capabilities.


GoHealthyforGood 2012

Embracing Online Streaming

In February 2011, Hope Channel transitioned to a commercial live-streaming and video-on-demand platform. This advancement allowed live broadcasts and on-demand episodes, adapting to the evolving preferences of viewers for accessible and flexible content consumption.

Launching Hope Channel on Roku

In a pioneering move, Hope Channel introduced its first Roku app in November 2011. This step not only marked our innovation but also established us as one of the early religious organizations to venture into this platform. This expansion showcased our dedication to reaching diverse audiences through emerging technologies.

Hope Channel North America Goes Live

In January 9, 2012, Hope Channel ushers in a bold era with nightly live prime-time programs. From "Let's Pray" to "StoryLine," "Cross Connection," "Beginnings," and "Disclosure: The Future Declassified," this two-hour block, airing Monday through Thursday, enriched viewers' evenings with dynamic content, fostering spiritual engagement and reflection.

Launching "Go Healthy for Good"

"Go Healthy for Good" launches.

Network Newcomers - 2012

HC Australia, TV Producciones Costarricenses, S.A., HC Italy, HC Poland, and HC Ukraine join the global network.



Revamped Website Unveiled

In March 2013, Hope Channel revealed its newly redesigned website at hopetv.org, offering an improved online destination for those seeking hope and inspiration. This digital upgrade underlined our commitment to delivering uplifting content in a user-friendly and accessible manner.

Celebrating Excellence in Broadcasting

Hope Channel achieves outstanding recognition by winning three prestigious Telly Awards, triumphing over more than 12,000 entries from the United States and around the globe. The Telly Awards recognized the channel's impact in using media to spread hope and inspiration to diverse audiences, solidifying their position as a leading force in the industry.

Network Newcomers - 2013

HC Indonesia, HC Kenya, HC Philippines, Nuevo Tiempo Espana, and Esperanza TV Venezuela join the global network.

A Leap in High Definition

Hope Channel reaches new heights by making a significant move to DIRECTV HD. This transition to High Definition broadcasting enhances the viewer experience, offering crystal-clear visuals and immersive audio quality.

New Broadcast Hub

In February 2014, Hope Channel transitioned to a new broadcast operations center at its Silver Spring, Maryland headquarters. This marked the end of over a decade of broadcasting from Simi Valley, California, exemplifying our commitment to advanced technology and streamlined content delivery for global impact.

Network Newcomers - 2014

HC Portugal, Telekanal “Nadezhda” (HC Russia), HC Fiji, HC France, and HC American Samoa join the global network.


GC session 2015

Dynamic GC Session Participation

In July, 2015, Hope Channel participated in GC Session, an enormous Christian Convention that gathers tens of thousands of believers from all around the world. Hope Channel’s large, state-of-the-art booth at the convention, had a stage with live performances all-day, live cameras, and a live production control room to record and broadcast the event.

Mega Project Hope in Papua New Guinea

The team meets the production goal of 300 programs in four weeks, leading to the discovery of talent and resources within Papua New Guinea to sustain their ministry.

Network Newcomers - 2015

HC Korea, HC Japan, HC Southeast Asia, HC New Zealand, HC Malawi, HC Africa, HC Deaf, and HC UK join the global network.

New Leadership at Hope Channel

April 11, 2016 marks a significant transition as Pastor Derek Morris assumes the role of President of Hope Channel International.

Network Newcomers - 2016

HC Denmark, HC Inter-America, HC Inter-America-Spanish, HC Inter-America-French, HC Sverige, and HC Zambia join the global network.



Launch of Celebration of Hope Weekend

On Friday, December 8, 2017, the Hope Channel team prepared for the very first Celebration of Hope partnership weekend in Asheville, North Carolina. Attendees experience inspiring messages from gifted speakers, special musical performances, and the latest insider updates on how their support has impacted lives worldwide.

Celebrating 10 Years of Project Hope

Marking a decade of innovation, Hope Channel celebrates the 10th anniversary of Project Hope. The shared dedication and collaborative spirit during Project Hope events consistently yield remarkable outcomes, producing hundreds of diverse programs within a month.

Network Newcomers - 2017

Hope Channel Canada, HC MENA (Umut-Omid), and HC Tanzania join the global network.

Bringing Hope To Your Fingertips

A game-changing development takes place as Hope Channel launches its very own mobile application. Hope Channel launches a suite of brand-new apps for the global Network, for the first time bringing a consistent design across all platforms, including iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

Embarking on Study Tours

Hope Channel launches its first-ever Study Tours. Led by esteemed scholars and experts, these tours offered participants a chance to explore biblical history, connect with their faith's heritage, and renew their spiritual commitment.

Network Newcomers - 2018

HC Afrikaans, HC Central Asia, HC Finland, HC Ghana, Reménység Média (HC Hungary), HC Iceland, and HC Singapore join the global network.



Embracing a Global Identity

The corporate name changes to "Hope Channel International, Inc." This transformation marked a significant step towards embracing a global identity and reaffirmed the organization's commitment to reaching diverse cultures and communities worldwide.

New Leadership at Hope Channel Global Pathfinder Camporee Broadcast

Hope Channel broadcasts the 2019 International Pathfinder Camporee.

Network Newcomers - 2019

HC Ethiopia, HC Israel, and HC Zimbabwe join the global network.

Embracing Digital Connection

On April 6, 2020, Hope Channel embarked on a digital journey with the launch of "Small Talk, Big God," its pioneering 100 percent digital distribution program. What came about as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic grew into a global community of discussion, encouragement, and hope. In its special, short run of just a few months, it received millions of views from around the world.

A Digital Transformation

On February 11, 2020, a significant transformation occurred in the Hope Channel organization with the inception of the Digital Distribution team. This specialized department was established to exclusively oversee the online distribution of digital media content.

First Ever Day of Hope

On December 15, 2020, “Day of Hope” premiered and became the first-ever telethon broadcast of Hope Channel. The program shares with viewers the impact it is making around the world for Christ. And viewers get the opportunity to join and financially support this powerful and positive impact movement.

Network Newcomers - 2020

Novo Tempo Mozambique, HC Namibia, and HC French join the global network.



Launching Jetstream Video Platform

On January 28, 2021, Hope Channel International launched Jetstream, its own in-house video hosting platform, enabling it to move away from expensive commercial providers and reduce video hosting costs by 80%.

The Launch of Hope.Study

Hope Channel launches an online Bible study platform at Hope.Study. This online platform provides an empowering space for seekers and believers alike to deepen their understanding of the Scriptures with over 20 courses.

Innovating Through Media

On March 25, 2021, Hope Channel unveiled "Heroes II," an innovative Bible trivia video game that captured global anticipation. As a sequel to the immensely popular "Heroes: The Game," "Heroes II" is a captivating platform centered around Bible heroes and the memorization of sacred truths, engaging audiences around the world.

Empowering Young Messengers of Hope

Hope Channel embraces a new era of evangelism with the introduction of the "3AM: Morning Is Coming" proclamation project, designed to equip and empower young people to share the Three Angels Messages.

Network Newcomers - 2021

HC Samoa, HC Solomon Islands, HC Sri Lanka, HC Tonga, HC Vanuatu, HOPE Polynésie, HC Cook Islands, HC Indian Ocean, HC Armenia, and HC Uganda join the global network.

Unveiling Impact Day

In May 2022, the first “Impact Day” took place, an event where Hope Channel connects directly with viewers at various U.S. locations. Attendees experience uplifting music, Hope Channel presentations, and meet staff and hosts.

Introducing Hope Studios

Hope Channel ventures into new horizons with the launch of "Hope Studios." This cinematic department extends its reach beyond traditional television, embracing cinemas and streaming platforms.

Network Newcomers - 2022

HC Solvenia, HC Rwanda, HC Moldova, Em Português, HC Hispano, HC Sudan, HC Kabyle, HC Myanmar, HC Kinshasa, and HC Ireland join the global network.



Revitalizing Network Leadership

HCI hosts its first Network Leadership Conference since the pandemic’s onset, in Johannesburg, South Africa, bringing together Hope Channel leaders from around the world.

"Hope Kids" YouTube Success

On August 4, 2023, HCI’s YouTube channel Hope Kids, passed 100,000 subscribers, making it HCI’s very first YouTube channel to cross that threshold.

Network Newcomers - 2023

HC Seychelles joins the global network.

20 Years of Hope

On October 10, Hope Channel will proudly celebrate two decades of inspiration, impact, and transformation growing to more than 80 global networks.