Hope Channel’s New Leadership Training Program and NLC24 Begin This July

Hope Channel’s New Leadership Training Program and NLC24 Begin This July

Jun 28, 2024, 1:59 AM

Hope Channel’s New Leadership Training Program and NLC24 Begin This July 

Silver Spring, Maryland (June 27, 2024) – Hope Channel International (HCI) is thrilled to launch and participate in its first Network Leadership Training on July 4, 2024. Available to all leaders of Hope Channel’s global network of 83 channels, this program is designed to effectively equip both current and future leaders with tools to advance the gospel of Jesus globally through media ministry. 

Offered in collaboration with the Global Leadership Institute based at Andrews University, attendees will learn effective leadership by ensuring their values are founded in Christ. The comprehensive program is divided into three segments. The first is self leadership, understanding your own strengths that make you a good leader. Expanding outward, the second segment will focus on leading others as part of a diverse, dynamic team. Third, trainees will learn how to lead organizations as CEO’s, vice presidents, directors, etc. Weaved throughout these three segments is the most important training of all: how to accomplish God’s purpose for your life as a leader in His mission.

Gideon Mutero, vice president for finance, emphasized the importance of continuous learning in leadership. He stated, “Leadership, like any other discipline, requires training. Even those previously trained need to keep learning about emerging dynamics and challenges to be effective leaders.”

In-person NLT sessions will kick off in Chiang Mai, Thailand, on July 4-9, 2024. Following these sessions, attendees will continue to participate in virtual sessions and group mentoring with a coach, culminating in the 2025 Network Leadership Conference (NLC).

“I am confident that by investing in the training of our Hope Channel leaders around the world, we will see a significant increase in the effectiveness of our ministry. With your prayers and support, we can bring the hope of the gospel to the multitudes, hastening Jesus’ return,” declared Chanmin Chung, vice president for global media and engagement.

NLC24: Extending Hope Channel’s Global Vision

Following the Network Leadership Training program launch, Hope Channel global leaders will convene in Chiang Mai, Thailand, for the 2024 Network Leadership Conference (NLC) from July 15-17, 2024. As NLC is the decision-making body for the Hope Channel Network, this is the highlight of the Network events.

Under the theme “Eternal Hope for the Unreached,” the 2024 Network Leadership Conference aims to inspire, empower, and strategize for mission. The inspirational section will cover miracle stories and testimonies from the global network, inspiring outreach to the world with a message of eternal hope. The empowering section is focused on providing knowledge, skills, and resources, and exploring various case studies from the network, learning new innovative methods of reaching the unreached. The strategizing section is focused on developing network strategies, organizing Hope Channel's work, and enhancing collaboration.

“Hope Channel’s vision is to reach 1 billion people globally with the message of eternal hope by 2030. This conference is a crucial step in uniting the Hope Channel network, inspiring, empowering, and developing strategies together as we aim to reach the unreached," said Vyacheslav Demyan, president of Hope Channel International. "I look forward to seeing our leaders return to their territories with renewed faith, inspired for God's mission and eager to prepare the world for the second coming of Jesus."

HCI encourages its viewers and supporters to earnestly pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the leaders and organizations as they work together to share the hope of Jesus’ soon return.

About Hope Channel

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Hope Channel produces and distributes content in 100+ languages in more than 80 countries around the world, each creating tailored messages to meet the spiritual needs of their communities. 

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