Hope For Africa


Impacting the continent, inspiring the world!


Derek Morris, President of Hope Channel International

Impacting the continent, inspiring the world!

I was truly blessed to see what the LORD accomplished through the Hope For Africa evangelistic meetings, September 2-16, 2023, at the Newlife SDA Church in Nairobi, Kenya. This life-changing series of Bible-based sermons, inspiring health presentations, practical family life talks, and beautiful music, was broadcast to approximately 10,000 downlink locations in 11 countries across the African continent. All presentations were translated into seven languages: Kiswahili, Luganda, Kinyarwanda, Amharic, Arabic, French, and sign language. At the time of writing, more than 100,000 precious souls have been baptized and thousands more are preparing for baptism. We recognize that the results of the Hope For Africa evangelistic series were a direct blessing from God, but we also recognize that He used people to accomplish His mission of transforming lives.

What impressed me the most during the Hope For Africa meetings was the close collaboration between Hope Channel Kenya, the ECD Media team, Newlife SDA Church, Hope Channels across ECD, local churches, pastors, and lay members. Everyone worked together as one body in Christ. The result was truly amazing. On the final Sabbath, the response to Pastor Mark Finley’s closing appeal was overwhelming. The Spirit of God moved like a mighty rushing wind and hundreds of precious souls swarmed into Newlife SDA Church and pressed toward the platform. As I sat on the front row and witnessed the moving scene, I was reminded that everyone is precious to God. The Son of God left heaven at an infinite cost to redeem all who would accept His sacrifice on their behalf. I also realized that thousands more were responding to this same appeal at approximately 10,000 downlink locations across the continent of Africa and around the world. We were seeing the prophecy of Jesus fulfilled before our eyes: The harvest truly is great! (Luke 10:2)

What was the most important element that made the Hope For Africa meetings such a resounding success? The anointed preaching by Pastor Mark Finley? The outstanding health presentations by Dr. Chidi and Teenie Finley? The practical family life talks by Pastor David Mmbaga? The melodious choirs? The excellent organization by the media team?  The answer is “all of the above”. Working together under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, we witnessed a great miracle of God.

This collaborative spirit will be an inspiration to Hope Channel teams, church leaders, and church members around the world. Can you imagine the day when Hope For Africa is replicated on every inhabited continent with similar or greater results? We are told the final movements will be rapid ones. I say, “Hallelujah!” 

While there was much rejoicing during the Hope For Africa meetings, there were also some moments of deep sadness and grief. On the final Friday morning, our gifted lifestyle medicine specialist, Dr. Chidi, received news that his precious wife Ucheena had passed away unexpectedly a few hours earlier. The news was devastating—and yet Dr Chidi demonstrated that, as followers of Jesus, we do not need to grieve like those who have no hope. While experiencing profound grief, Dr. Chidi gave thanks to God that his dear wife of 23 years, Ucheena, was so close to the Lord. He bore a living testimony that there is hope in Jesus even when we pass through the valley of the shadow of death. I appeal to all who read this Newlifer magazine to remember Dr. Chidi and his precious 7-year-old daughter Chiamaka in your prayers. This tragedy reminds us that we are living in a sin-ravaged world. How we long for the glorious return of Jesus when the dead in Christ shall rise in the blessed resurrection and we shall be reunited with our loved ones who have fallen asleep in Jesus. What a joyful reunion that will be. The Lord will wipe away all tears from our eyes. Then our loving Creator and Redeemer will create a new heaven and new earth where righteousness dwells. Hallelujah, Amen. 

Hope For Africa is not the end of our missionary activity, but it is a vivid reminder that we serve a prayer-answering, miracle-working God. Like the Good Shepherd, He is searching for all His lost sheep. Like the woman, He is cleaning the house, looking for His lost coin. Like the loving father, He is looking into the distance, longing for His lost son to return. He is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance and accept His gracious gift of salvation from the penalty and power of sin. Jesus is coming back soon to gather the redeemed of all ages but until that day we still have work to do. This everlasting Gospel must be preached in all the world as a witness to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people. Then, as Jesus promised, the end will come. He will return in glory and receive us to Himself, and we will live with Him for all eternity. He will create a new heavens and new earth where righteousness dwells. This is our hope, Hope For Africa, and hope for all who will believe. Hallelujah. Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!


Impact Stories

Hope Found In Unexpected Places


In the heart of Nairobi, where the bustling city meets the solemn corridors of Kenyatta National Hospital,  two strangers, Makokha and Desire, found themselves on an unexpected journey towards faith, friendship,  and a profound transformation. 

"Makokha's Journey" begins with tragedy, as he rushes his injured wife to the hospital following a  devastating road accident that claimed many lives. Alone and in a foreign city, Makokha's world seems to unravel until he crosses paths with Desire, another parent facing a heart-wrenching ordeal with his ailing daughter. 

As fate would have it, the bond between Makokha and Desire deepens during their shared nights sleeping in the hospital corridors, where their conversations transcend mere companionship and delve into the realm of faith. Desire, a devout Adventist, introduces Makokha to the teachings and hope of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, igniting a spiritual journey that neither of them anticipated. 

Together, they embark on a pilgrimage of faith, attending the "Hope for Africa" evangelistic event at  Newlife SDA Church. Here, they encounter a diverse array of speakers, including the renowned Pastor  Mark Finley, who imparts wisdom and hope through their powerful presentations. Meanwhile, their story reaches the ears of compassionate church elders who recognize the plight of these two newfound friends and step in to secure suitable accommodation for them in Nairobi. 

Tragedy strikes Desire when his daughter loses her battle with illness, but his unwavering faith in the Second Coming of Christ and the promise of resurrection provides solace amidst his grief. His steadfast hope becomes a wellspring of strength for Makokha, reinforcing his longing to be part of a church family that embraces these profound truths. 

As the "Hope for Africa" evangelistic campaign draws to a close, Makokha makes a life-altering decision— he surrenders his life to Christ and is baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church. With his wife's health restored, they return to their hometown, but not before Makokha fulfills a heartfelt commitment.  He donates a parcel of land in their village for the construction of a Seventh-day Adventist church, bridging the spiritual gap for a community located over 80 kilometers away from the nearest Adventist congregation. 

"Makokha's Journey" is just one of the many poignant testimonies that emerged from the "Hope for Africa"  net event, demonstrating how hope can bloom even in the most unexpected places, reaching the hearts and souls of families and individuals alike, whether through television, online platforms, or in person. This powerful documentary captures the essence of faith, friendship, and the transformative power of hope that transcends borders and binds us all in a shared human experience.

A Second Chance At Love & Faith


Right inside Nairobi's Kibera slums, Kennedy Mogaka's life spiraled into a twelve-year abyss of abandonment, alcohol, and infidelity as he left his wife, Alice, in their village to explore the city's dark temptations. During his absence, Kennedy brought another woman into his life, further entangling himself in a web of irresponsibility. Amidst this turmoil, a ray of hope emerged in the form of the Darajani  Seventh-day Adventist Church's home visits to the community. Although Kennedy occasionally warmed to  God's word during these visits, he remained ensnared by his self-destructive choices. 

The turning point arrived when Kennedy received an invitation from members of Darajani SDA Church to attend the "Hope for Africa" evangelistic series led by the renowned televangelist Pastor Mark Finley and family life speaker pastor David Mmbaga from Newlife SDA Church. Reluctantly, he attended the two-week event, where he followed the presentations closely alongside fellow Darajani members. The Holy  Spirit worked his way through these powerful messages, igniting a profound transformation within  Kennedy's heart. Overcoming his past, he expressed a sincere desire to change, surrendering his life to  Christ and resolving to reconcile with the wife he had abandoned for over a decade. 

As news of Kennedy's intended reconciliation reached his second wife, she chose to leave him, revealing secrets of her own infidelity. Undeterred, Kennedy reached out to Alice, and amidst tears and forgiveness,  they embraced each other once more. Their journey culminated in a joint baptism during the climax of the  "Hope for Africa" net event. For Kennedy and Alice, the event symbolized not only a spiritual rebirth but also a rekindling of their love and hope after enduring twelve years of suffering wrought by their past mistakes.

The Church That Found Hope: Pastor Mubiru's Testimony


In Burundi, Pastor Mubiru embarked on a unique spiritual quest, driven by an unquenchable thirst for biblical truth. Frustrated by his search for a church that fully embraced his yearning for authentic spirituality, he decided to establish his own congregation. However, destiny intervened when he received an invitation to the "Hope for Africa" evangelistic event, a live broadcast originating from Nairobi, Kenya,  and shared across radio, television, and the internet. 

Intrigued by the promise of profound biblical revelations, Pastor Mubiru accepted the invitation and began listening intently to the sermons on the radio. After just three days, he was captivated by the wealth of truths expounded by the event's main speaker, Pastor Mark Finley. Eager to share this newfound wisdom,  Pastor Mubiru extended an invitation to his congregation, transforming his church into a hub for the "Hope for Africa" broadcasts. 

As the weeks unfolded, the messages of hope and enlightenment continued to resonate deeply with Pastor  Mubiru and his congregation. Fueled by conviction, Pastor Mubiru made a life-altering decision, dedicating himself anew to Christ and choosing to be baptized as a Seventh-day Adventist. Half of his congregation joined him in this transformative journey, recognizing the Adventist Church as a beacon of unadulterated biblical truth. 

The "Hope for Africa" series pressed on for another week, and by its conclusion, the remaining half of the congregation had also embraced the faith, opting for baptism to unite with the Seventh-day Adventist  Church. The remarkable outcome was the complete conversion of the entire church, a bountiful harvest achieved through the power of technology and the dissemination of God's word. 

This story is a testament to the transformative power of truth and the impact of shared faith on a global scale. This story celebrates the profound influence of the "Hope for Africa" net event, which not only touched the lives of Pastor Mubiru and his congregation but also reached countless souls across Africa and around the world through radio, television, satellite broadcasts, and social media platforms.

From Rebel Fighter To Christ's Warrior

Democratic Republic of Congo

"Mai Mai Kifuafua" is one of the most dreaded rebel groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo. For decades, the DRC had grappled with unrelenting instability, fueled by the presence of numerous local rebel groups and militias, some driven by ethnic divisions and others manipulated by foreign interests. Omari was once a member of the ruthless MaiMai Kifuafua group. As a member, his life was marred by violence and instability, emblematic of the ongoing struggles that have plagued the nation of DRC for decades. However, a glimmer of hope emerged during a two-week "Hope for Africa" evangelistic event,  organized by the Seventh-day Adventist church, thanks to the tireless efforts of two local pastors, Pastor  Bakano and Pastor Esaie. 

Their mission took them to the confines of local prisons, where they encountered Omari—a man once seemingly impervious to any authority but that of his rebel group. Yet, as the saying goes, the power of  Christ's blood knows no bounds, and His name is mightier than any other. The pastors embarked on a  

remarkable journey, sharing the transformative word of God with Omari. This together with the life-changing messages from the "Hope for Africa" series gradually softened the heart that had known only violence and conflict. 

In a testament to the incredible power of faith, Omari made the brave decision to turn away from his former life and embrace Christ as his savior—a choice fraught with danger, given the consequences of leaving a rebel group. 

Omari's journey culminated in a baptism that marked his entry into the Seventh-day Adventist Church. His testimony echoed throughout the prison walls, proclaiming God's mighty power and the hope of newfound freedom in the Lord.  

Omari's remarkable journey serves as a testament to the extraordinary changes that God can manifest even in the most turbulent of circumstances. It underscores the possibility of peace and hope in the Democratic  Republic of Congo—a nation yearning for stability and the healing touch of faith.