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A Bold Strategy in the Middle East


Sharing God’s love with Iranians and Persian-speaking people comes with big challenges. But at Hope Channel Persia, we found a brave way to do just that, embodying our commitment to reach 1 billion souls with God's eternal message of hope. Our journey started with a simple prayer: “Lord, help us reach people in Iran looking for Your love.” Even when sharing Jesus’ message is risky, we knew God was with us.

To keep safe, our team got creative. We wore masks and changed our voices to share God’s word without being recognized.

At first, we were worried this would distract from the meaningful message, but soon, encouraging responses started flooding in. People were using our content to explore the Bible and share God's word with others through safe online platforms. This feedback turned our doubts into joy, proving that with God, even the most daunting obstacles can be overcome.

Hope Channel Persia's journey is a powerful testament to faith, creativity, and the belief that nothing is impossible with God. Our efforts have ignited hope and brought countless individuals closer to God, breaking through barriers to reach hearts seeking light.

Your support is crucial in keeping this mission alive. By partnering with Hope Channel International, you're helping us extend God's message of love and salvation to every corner of the world, including those places where it seems most difficult to reach.

Thank you for your generosity and for standing with us in this vital mission. Together, we are spreading hope and changing lives, one story at a time. May God bless you as you commit to this end-time mission.

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