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Hope in the Hospital


Amidst the sterile walls of Kenyatta National Hospital, in Nairobi, Kenya, a remarkable story of transformation and friendship unfolded between two men, Makokha and Desire.  Amid the chaos of a life-altering crisis, they discovered hope and purpose, a journey that would inspire anyone to believe in the power of God and the spirit of giving.

Makokha was engulfed in despair, having rushed his wife to the hospital after a harrowing road accident. Alone and overwhelmed in an unfamiliar city, his world seemed to crumble around him. However, destiny had a different plan. It was here, amid his turmoil, that he met Desire, a man wrestling with his daughter's life-threatening illness. Despite their circumstances, or perhaps because of them, a profound bond was forged in the hospital's long corridors, a friendship anchored in shared pain and hope.

Their connection deepened over time, and conversations about faith began to weave through their dialogue. Desire, with his deep-rooted Adventist beliefs, introduced Makokha to a new outlook on life through the teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. They attended the "Hope for Africa" series together, an initiative by Hope Channel International, in collaboration with the East-Central Africa Division and Adventist World Radio, which became a beacon of light in their darkest times.

Tragedy struck when Desire's daughter passed away. Yet, it was his unshakeable faith in the midst of sorrow that offered solace and inspired Makokha. Witnessing Desire's strength and conviction in the face of loss was an additional turning point for Makokha, stirring a deep yearning to be part of a community that held such truths.

The culmination of Makokha's spiritual journey was his baptism into the Seventh-day Adventist Church, coinciding with a miraculous recovery for his wife. In a beautiful full-circle moment, Makokha donated land in his village for a new Seventh-day Adventist Church, bridging a spiritual gap for many and sparing them an arduous 49-miles journey to the nearest church.

This story transcends the individual stories of Makokha and Desire. It's a powerful illustration of how faith, friendship, and generosity can not only transform lives but also build communities. It's a call to support Hope Channel International, a vessel for God’s hope and healing, as we aim to reach 1 billion people around the world. Your contribution can extend this ripple of transformation, touching lives and inspiring hearts across the globe.

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