The History and Future of Hope Channel International, Inc.

The History and Future of Hope Channel International, Inc.

by Derek Morris | President, Hope Channel International, Inc.Silver Spring, MD

Hope Channel Inc. was founded in 2003 in response to the growing awareness of the importance of media evangelism. Since its humble beginning, Hope Channel has grown to become a global network with 70+ channels, broadcasting in more than 80 languages. Renamed Hope Channel International Inc. in 2019, we have diversified our strategies for communicating the Gospel, expanding from linear television to include digital broadcasts, social media posts, and a platform for interactive Bible studies. Our goal is clear–help our viewers on their life-changing journey from broadcast to baptism and beyond, supporting them to find freedom, healing, and hope in Jesus.

In the coming months and years, our global network will continue to expand. Our most recent channels include Hope Channel Uganda and Hope Channel Moldova. We will also continue to expand our Bible study resources at Since we launched our interactive Bible study program in 2021, our viewers have enrolled in more than 200,000 courses—and this is just one of the many Bible study platforms in our global network. 

One of our most exciting initiatives is our 3AM: Morning Is Coming proclamation project, equipping young people to share the Three Angels Messages. Launched in 2021, the response to our broadcasts in the first 30 languages has surpassed our greatest expectations. By 2025, we will be broadcasting these messages in 70 languages. Within the next four years we plan to train more than 500 young adult evangelists to proclaim the Three Angels Messages as we prepare for the glorious return of Jesus.

Your support and prayers for Hope Channel International, Inc. are an essential component of this great miracle of God. As Impact Partners, you can experience the joy of seeing God work in miraculous ways through this global evangelistic media ministry. Thank you, and may you be blessed, now and forever.

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