Why Media Matters in the World of Evangelism

Why Media Matters in the World of Evangelism

September 2021

Derek Morris | President Hope Channel International Inc.Silver Spring, MD

In June 2021, Pastor Mark Malekana conducted evangelistic meetings at the Kizota Adventist Church in Dodoma, Tanzania. The series was entitled Shangwe katika njia yake, Joy In His Way. Several hundred precious men and women, boys and girls, were baptized there in Dodoma at the conclusion of those meetings! I say, Hallelujah! What about you?

But the impact of those meetings was not limited to the new capital city of Tanzania. Those truth-filled messages, preached in the power of the Holy Spirit, were relayed by Hope Channel Tanzania to more than 3,000 sites across the country. The result? More than 30,000 precious souls have requested baptism.

The evidence is irrefutable—the use of media exponentially increases the impact of local evangelism. That message was learned by the Reformers during the Protestant Reformation. Consider Martin Luther, for example. Confined to a local parish in Wittenberg, Germany, unable to travel due to death threats by the religious establishment, you might think Luther’s influence would be minimal. But Luther used media to exponentially increase the impact of his evangelistic activities. His truth-filled sermons were printed using the recently developed movable-type printing press and distributed like the leaves of autumn across Europe and beyond. A local pastor in a small town in central Germany was used by God to impact the world!

How can you be part of the miracle God is working in these last days of earth’s history? Several ways. Encourage your pastor and local church leaders to utilize media. If a message is worth sharing with 100 people, it’s worth sharing with 100,000. You can also support global evangelistic media ministry with your prayers and with your donations. 

Jesus is coming soon. The Gospel of the kingdom will soon be preached to all the world, to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people, and then the end will come. Let’s be a part of this great miracle of God.

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